Had an awesome time at the clash with all of our athletes. Also, I would like to recognize the fact the no matter where we go we have as much and sometimes more support than gyms that  are closer than we are. Natalie, Brady and I are so grateful to be a part of the DGA community. Thank you to every single person that has made this dream become a reality. DGA Everyday!!


This week is our deload week. We will decrease the workload a little and focus on stretching, moving better, food prep, and goal setting for before the new year. We will also be working out but with a lighter intensity. With all of that being said there is an article that was just released on FB discussing CF’s dirty little secret. All of you should have heard of rhabdo by now. The full name is rhabdomyolosis. Yes it is very dangerous and it can have irreversible effects on the body. Hopefully after you read the article you will understand just how hard my job is and how hard my team and I work on providing this community with a service that keeps you safe but that also provides the most results. I am always looking to upgrade the service that we provide and would love any feedback that anyone has for my team or myself.


Back Squat 5 x5 @ 50% of 1 rm


20 perfect air squats

max effort plank(shoulders externally rotated and protracted)

400 m run

rest 3 min x 3

Work on Mobility(you may not leave early….period.)


OHS 5×5 @ 50% of 1 RM


7 min of Kipping Practice


10 slam ball tosses

5 kipping t2b

max effort plank(shoulders externally rotated and protracted)

x 3

work on mobility