“The best time to learn is when you make a mistake.” Nick Saban

I am attracted to certain types of leaders. I enjoy talking about leadership and what makes up a good leader. In my personal opinion responsibility is an attribute that all leaders must possess in some capacity. Yes, Mondays workout was ¬†rough…probably a little to hard if I am being honest. But my question is this, what leadership skills do you possess that allow you to have great workouts and overcome adversity? We are all leaders in our own way. ¬†How do you lead??



12 min AMRAP @ 80%
3 WallWalks
15 KBS
200m run
rest 4 min
12 min AMRAP @ 80%
7 HPC 135/85
250m row
5-7 T2b



A. Press 10-12 x 4 @ 21×1 rest 2 min
5 sets
8-12 Pullups (C2b)
40 DU
7 Power Snatch
rest 1:30